Goran Vata
Robert davi in expendables 3
Status: Deceased
Age: 61
Date of birth: June 26, 1953
Birthplace: Albania
Affiliation: Albania Dealer Mafia
Played by: Robert Davi
Films: 3
First appearance: The Expendables 3
Last appearance: The Expendables 3
"I pay you what you want."
—Goran Vata to Conrad Stonebanks.

Goran Vata is a minor antagonist of The Expendables 3, he is the head of the Albanian Mafia helping Conrad Stonebanks on his plans to take down the Expendables team. Beside his dealing with Stonebanks in hi-tech weapon, he is also interest in purchasing nuclear weapon.

He is first & last shown where he is talking to Stonebanks about how on he plans to take down The Expendables, in a firefight with The Expendables, he is killed when he is shot a couple of times in the chest with a machine gun.



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