The RPG-7 Launcher as been utilized by both Soviet/Russian soldiers and all other Communist bloc countries and client states/groups throughout the world. (The actual Russian abbreviation RPG stands for Ruchnoy Protivotankovyy Granatomyot - handheld anti-tank grenade launcher). Developed from the RPG-2 (also known as the B40 rocket in Vietnam), the RPG-7 is seen all over the world - from the war zones of Africa and the Middle East to Central and South America.

The Chinese made their own version of the rocket - the Type 69 RPG, which differed in that there was only one pistol grip. The second pistol grip of the RPG-7 was replaced by a upper handle. Also the Type 69 has an integral lightweight bipod that folds against the body of the tube. In movies, many times the Type 69 RPG is seen rather than the Russian RPG-7.

The RPG-7 features in the film Expendables 3.

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