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  • Porterfield

    Any hardcore fan of action films can close their eyes, and for each cast member of The Expendables 2, picture a collection of vignettes from the glory days of their illustrious career. If you've got a bad memory, I'll refer you to a previous blog post of mine titled "Best Fight Scenes of the Expendables Cast."

    It's unfortunate that it has gotta be that way, but the glory days really are behind these guys. An often-cited problem with 2010's The Expendables was that with the exception of a few newcomers with little screen time, and of course Jason Statham, the cast was, well, a little bit old and withered. As critic Rene Rodriguez points out in his review (link below, under the "Hated It" category), "there’s nothing they can do about the line…

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  • Porterfield

    The Expendables are made up of the greatest action stars of all time, but what makes them great? Explosions, gunfire, and car chases are cool, but we must credit the film crews, technicians, and stuntmen for those goodies. Only one defining characteristic turns a mere mortal into a legend on the silver screen, and that's the ability to kick some good old fashioned butt. Ever since the early days of Douglas Fairbanks and choreographed sword fights, the film industry has consistently gifted us a glorious array of gladiators, martial artists, soldiers, warriors, boxers, and street fighters.

    We spend our hard-earned dollars to watch these men pummel the baddies, and they always deliver. Usually it's simply bad ass, but sometimes we are treated …

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