Sang man
Velislav Pavlov is a Bulgarian actor who has starred in low-budgeted films, B-movies and international films, mostly of the Action/SciFi/Crime type. His credits include War, Inc. (with Stanimir Stamatov), NinjaUndisputed 3: Redemption (both with Scott Adkins), Command Performance (with Dolph Lundgren), Thick as Thieves (with Antonio Banderas), Assassin's Bullet, El Gringo (again with Adkins and Christian Slater) and Operation Shmenti Capelli.

Little is known about him on his IMDb profile other than that he lives in Sofia, Bulgaria and had a son named Ioan in 2011. He played a Sang mercenary working for Jean Vilain. He is the only one seen primarily talking to Vilain and Hector.

Expendables 2 Vesilav Pavlov appearance

As seen in The Expendables 2

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